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The entire East and South is open and full of vegetables fields which also gives you the comfort of continuous air passing during the summer time. When you will walk through the village there will be no terror of speeding traffic, no city crowds, and no maddening din of the work-a-day world. It is for sure all in complete contrast to what you had grown accustomed to in the city.
The place of comfort
The location where you will find peace
Flowers are always welcome in our life
The perfect farm house
Daronda Village always has it's own beauty
Khoai the mela where you will find all carfts product
Rain, rain, go away?
Blue Sky does matter
A happy experience

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It is a forum with beautiful collectibles gathered from various corners of India. Our artisans are highly creative and are masters of their craft. The name “Khoaihaat or Khoai Haat” inspired from the famous tourist destination in Santiniketan, Birbhum district, West Bengal. This is a bazaar set up by local artisans with their beautiful handicraft’s products. The place also known as “Sonajhurihaat or Sonajhuri Haat”. It takes place mostly every day nowadays on the bank of the Khoai or Kopai River.

Our vision is to uphold the authentic crafts of India, and this is the beginning of our journey and the e-commerce or online shopping platform for handmade products which now has been focusing to help our customers by saving time and money as we offer proper Product / Service descriptions and extremely competitive & unmatchable prices. All products are in our warehouse which reduces the time to deliver to customer after purchase from our platform.

For all details you can visit our online store, www.khoaihaat.com