Kheyatori Winter View
Kheyatori Top View of cottages
Kheyatori Night View
Kheyatori Landscaped View
Kheyatori Guest Rooms

A Nature Resort in Santiniketan

Kheyatori, in Dwaronda, Santiniketan, is a farm-based retreat, about 10km from Santiniketan Station, where you stay in the middle of acres of agricultural land, eat organically grown food and go for long walks into the unpolluted countryside. The natural beauty and the greenery is a feast for the eyes of everyone. Here you can breathe fresh air in the eco-friendly environment. You will definitely find your peace of mind.

For booking, please call +91 8017054055

Few Words from Our Guest

"Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, in the lap of nature, nurtured by cold winds, silver moon lit night would be a memorable vacation for all of us.Thank you so much “Kheyatori” for your warm hospitality, mouthwatering foods and most importantly for bearing with our unending requests and strong will and efficiency in fulfilling them. We cannot thank you properly in these few words, neither we can convey our feelings properly. Our satisfaction has reached another level and we are much more than satisfied."

"All we could say is that..........We are going to COME BACK here very soon."

"Well I know for sure, If I even come to Shantiniketan again, where I will be staying :-)
Like what they say, every little things count, from stepping in the farm house till leaving it, each and everything was just perfection.
And I shall spread the warmth I had here to my fellow people in DHAKA."

Where there is another sky
Where there is another rain
Where there is monsoon
And sunshine again

Another darkness another night
Another forest, far and wild
Another dancing lonely cloud
Up above the silent ground

In a little village calm green
Here is my tiny muddy house
Kheyatori, her pretty name
As if she is alone in rain

Bring your own tent and setup........

Bring your own tent and try your hand at something new and convert new experiences into memories at Kheyatori. You will get the camping experience and will help you to setup your own.

Food and Adda, what elese do we need........

Facilities At A Glance

Walk along the path
Kheyatori Garden Light
After a long day of work when you walk in the garden, the entire tiredness will be gone with the fragrant smell of flowers and you will feel refreshed. There is greenery all round. The birds also come out of their nests after a scorching afternoon, sweet notes of their twittering will give you a lot of joy.
Eco Friendly Adda Ghar
Kheyatori Adda Ghar
We used to have “Addas” whenever get time and one of the best way to do the same within a eco-friendly environment which automatically gives you an extra energy. We strongly suggest you to switch-off your gadgets and enjoy the moment. You will find all happiness, am sure.
Discover Yourself
 Kheyatori Guest Rooms
Let's stop worrying about what if and what tomorrow might bring. Just believe in that one moment which will change your life forever and let the moment take you where you've never expected.

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